Images Of Alleged iPad Mini Parts Surface Before Rumored October Media Event

After yesterday’s report of a second fall Apple media event, scheduled for mid-October, new images have surfaced of what are allegedly iPad Mini parts. Today, UkrainianiPhone posted numerous photos of a back housing and a white glass front panel (the digitizer assembly).

Additionally, the site included an image of the proposed iPad Mini’s LCD – however, the display appears highly reminiscent of the screen used in Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

Images Of Alleged iPad Mini Parts

UkrainianiPhone also annotated the top image to highlight certain portions of the rear housing including the following, a headphone jack on the top left (instead of adopting the  iPhone 5’s repositioned bottom headphone jack), a plastic piece on the top for cellular connectivity, an area designated for Apple’s new lightning connector port and a nano-SIM card slot.

Aligning with earlier rumors, the white front panel depicts a narrower side bezel to conserve on overall device size.

iPad Mini Front Panel

As previously mentioned, Apple is reportedly planning to send invitations to select members of the press on October 10th for a media event, which may be designated to revealing the rumored iPad Mini. Stay tuned for complete coverage on Apple and any media events they might have scheduled for October.

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