Permanent iPhone 4/3G(S) Unlock!

Cut Your Sim is now offering a permanent remote unlock for the iPhone 3G(S) and iPhone 4.  They claim it is simple and is done in three simple steps.


The solution they offer does not require any jailbreaking techniques or any type of hacks.  It works with any baseband version on the iPhone and allows you to be able to update to the latest firmware and baseband whenever you please without worrying about losing the unlock.


Here is a screenshot of Chronics tweet:

MuscleNerd notes, “The well-established online unlockers for other cellphone brands are suddenly today selling iPhone unlocks..obviously something opened up. This “grey market” access into Apple’s database has been around (in the UK for instance) for a while, but typically only brick&mortar stores”


Here is a screenshot of the “iPhone Remote Unlock” checkout:


So, yes, you can purchase a permanent unlock from Cut Your Sim for $169 dollars.  They say it will take 2-5 days for the unlock to happen and that your warranty with Apple is not at all affected because this is an official unlock.  So pay 169 dollars to drop the hassle of always having to restore to custom Pwnage Tool firmwares and use Ultrasn0w?  You decide.


UPDATE*****: is now ALSO offering the same exact type of permanent unlock as Cut Your Sim for $165 instead of $169 claiming that they have the best price anywhere.

UPDATE NUMÉRO DEUX*****: Negri Electronics is ALSO offering the SAME exact unlock for $175.  It would appear that Negri Electronics was the first to offer this unlock, followed by Cut Your Sim and then finally FSMdotCOM.  It seems pretty suspicious.

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