iOS 4.3.1 Released, Jailbreak Will Follow Soon

This morning Apple released iOS 4.3.1, which as many of you know, the Dev Team, i0n1c and Comex were waiting to release the untethered Jailbreak for all iDevices until 4.3.1 was released. It was actually supposed to be released in about a week (according to rumors), but I guess Apple decided to launch the update earlier than expected. That being said, the members of the iOS hacking community will need some time to test the exploit and Jailbreak tools on all iDevices (including but not limited to the iPad 2).

iOS 4.3 isn’t necessarily a major update, it simply fixes some minor bugs, vulnerabilities (most likely the ones demonstrated at the Pwn2Own contest) and battery life issues. I highly recommend staying away from it for the time being.

Oh and don’t fall for the classic iTunes trap:

Here are two tweets from Musclenerd that reiterate the information above:

Again, just stay away from iOS 4.3.1 for now until they have tested their Jailbreak on it. My guess is that the Jailbreak will either be out today or by the end of this weekend (don’t hold me to it though, that’s just my guess). Stay tuned for updates!