iOS 6 Passbook App Demo And Tutorial On 6.0 Beta

Developed by Apple and demonstrated at the main keynote presentation during this year’s World Wide Developers Conference event, Passbook is a native iOS 6 (Apple’s next major update to their mobile operating system) app that acts as a “virtual wallet”.

The passbook app not only stores data pertaining to things like boarding passes, tickets, store-specific cards and coupons, but it also allows users to present their iPhone instead of a physical pass at the participating merchants and airlines.

Unfortunately, while Passbook has been integrated in iOS 6 beta for developers, the app has been all but pointless due to an inability to add passes – until now. As demonstrated in the above video, users and developers on iOS 6 beta can create sample passes using PassSouce. While functionality of the site is limited, the creators are working on furthering the free service’s capabilities.

Stay tuned for additional coverage on iOS 6 and Apple’s new Passbook app.