iOS 6, Retina MacBook Pro, Jailbreak Exploit From 2010 Patched, OS X Mountain Lion & More

Welcome to the ninety-second episode of my series entitled BestTechInfo and Rumors!

In this episode I discuss iOS 6, Apple’s new Retina MacBook Pro, the Jailbreak exploit that was patched, OS X Mountain Lion and more.

Links to the main topics in this episode:

1. Live coverage and Updates from WWDC 2012
2. In-depth iOS 6 Features and Changes overview
3. iOS 6 announced: New Maps app, Siri improvements, Passbook and more
4. Mountain Lion at WWDC 2012: Dictation, ‘Power Nap’, AirPlay Mirroring and more available July for $19.99
5. 2012 MacBook Pro With Retina Display Unboxing
6. Jailbreak 6.0, iOS 6 beta for iPhone 4,3Gs and iPod Touch 4
7. Apple patches Jailbreak Exploit used since 2010 in iOS 6 b1

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