iOS 6 Untethered Jailbreak Status For The iPhone 5, 6.0 Release, New Giveaway And More

Welcome to the hundred-and-sixth episode of my series entitled BestTechInfo and Rumors!

A lot has gone on since the last episode of BestTechInfo and Rumors, including the release of both iOS 6.0 and Apple’s new iPhone 5. In this new video I discuss the iOS 6 untethered Jailbreak status for all iDevices, including the iPhone 5, sales and performance numbers for the new iPhone and more.

New videos related to the iPhone 5:

1. In-depth iPhone 5 review recorded with iPhone 5 camera
2. New Apple iPhone 5 Unboxing – black and slate 64GB 
3. iPhone 5 Unboxing – white model
4. New iPhone 5 3G LTE speed test
5. iPhone 5’s Lightning connector review and test
6. Track iPhone 5 order when it’s preparing for shipment
7. EarPods for iPhone 5 Unboxing video

Links to the articles in this episode:

1. Jailbreak iOS 6, 6.0 Semi Untethered tutorial
2. In-depth written iPhone 5 review
3. iPhone 5 Jailbroken hours after launch
4. Samsung belittles the iPhone 5 in print campaign 
5. Dual-core A6 iPhone 5 outperforms quad-core smartphones
6. iPhone 5 pre-orders surpass 2 million in 24 hours
7. Apple stock exceeds $700 per share
8. Images of a functional iPad Mini surface
9. Apple’s iPhone 5 Javascript benchmark test: fastest smartphone recorded
10. Apple officially releases iOS 6
11. iPhone 5 manufacturing cost estimated to exceed $207
12. First iPhone 5 teardown hits the web

Giveaways discussed:

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Update: As of October 30th, the iPod touch giveaway has officially concluded. After sorting through nearly 50,000 entries, a winner was selected at random. I’d like to give a round of applause to a fan by the following YouTube username: Obeyedgar515.

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