iOS 6 Untethered Jailbreak Update: 6.1 Is Closer Than Ever And More On Evad3rs

6.1 Release Date, iOS 6 Untethered JailbreakThe latest news in the world of Jailbreaking came earlier this week when pod2g revealed that he, MuscleNerd, planetbeing and pimskeks are part of a new, small iOS hacking group dubbed the evad3rs – for a lack of a better term, we’ll call them the newest Dev Team on the Jailbreak scene. In a recent interview with iDigitalTimes, pod2g confirmed that they’ve successfully achieved an iOS 6 Jailbreak, which even functions on iOS 6.1 beta 4 (the latest beta at the time of the interview) and that they’re simply waiting for Apple to release the finalized version of 6.1 to the public.

6.0 is jailbroken, 6.1 beta 4 also. Now we are waiting 6.1 to confirm and release.

While this is great news, we already knew the developers were holding off on releasing an Untethered Jailbreak until Apple issued iOS 6.1 – a crucial piece of information that was originally confirmed by planetbeing.

Today’s report is meant mostly to give the two leading members of the evead3rs the praise they deserve and no, pod2g surprisingly isn’t one of them. In the interview, pod2g confirmed that he’s mostly helping in terms of “communication, websites” and also some development, but planetbeing and pimskeks have taken it upon themselves to carry out the majority of the team’s workload.

Now I am helping as much as I can in terms of communication, websites, and also development, but I was not involved the same way as previous, focused on my work and all… Yes, in order @planetbeing, @pimskeks, then me.

Although it isn’t clear what role MuscleNerd plays in the new Dev Team, it’s safe to assume that it’s still an important one, as he’s arguably the most well-known iOS security expert and the informal leader of the iPhone Dev Team.

Finally, we’re quickly approaching the public release of 6.1 and today’s beta is surely the last in the long wait leading up to the final version. Stay tuned for additional coverage on iOS 6.1 and the status of the iOS 6 Untethered Jailbreak.

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