Alleged iPad 3 And iPhone 5 Parts Leaked Ahead Of Launch

Apple’s next-generation iPad is rumored to include a retina display with a resolution of 2048 x 1536. According to an online reseller, if the parts are legitimate, the structure of the next-generation iPad will change as well.

The repair team at iFixYouri  has has looked over the new parts and provided and have provided descriptions of all of the pieces.

The top picture shows a part that is a full external button control cabling system (for the alleged next-generation iPad). This “cabling system” includes controls for the side toggle, power/lock button and volume keys.

The iFixYouri team has also confirmed that the material used to build these parts is identical to the material used in the same iPad 2 parts. However, the structure and button placement that these parts reveal are completely different from the iPad 2’s structure and button placement.

This image shows the side toggle (B3), power/lock button (B1) and the volume up button (B4)

This image shows a close up of the volume up (B2) and down buttons (B3)

Chronic also noticed that an alleged iPhone 5 proximity sensor sensor has been leaked today (pictured below):

Stay tuned for more news and rumors related to Apple’s next-generation iPad and the iPhone 5!