iPhone 4S Giveaway From iCrackUriDevice And FridayNightCranks

To celebrate the Holidays, I’ve teamed up with Jared and Kristin over at FridayNightCranks to give away a brand new iPhone 4S! In order to enter to win, follow the two simple steps listed below:

1. Subscribe to both my channel and FridayNightCranks (for your convince you can simply press the two subscribe buttons embedded below):

2. After you’ve subscribed, you can gain entries simply by liking, favoriting and commenting on every new videos that either myself, or FridayNightCranks uploads. The only requirement is that your comment must contain the phrase “FNCiCu iPhone” – you’ll receive one entry each time you preform the actions listed in this step!

Here’s a sample comment:

Hey, great video!

FNCiCu iPhone

We will also be launching a separate website soon specifically for the giveaway and, it will have extra ways that you can gain entries! Happy Holidays and stay tuned for more details on the iPhone 4S giveaway and for additional ways to enter!