Supposed Next-Generation iPhone 5 And iPad Mini Dock Connector Ports Leaked

New iPhone 5 and iPad Mini 8 pin Dock Connector Recently, the next-generation iPhone and the rumored “iPad Mini” have been the topic of discussion related to Apple news. One of the more interesting rumors involves Apple’s proprietary dock connector.

All previous and current generations of iOS-based devices have featured a 30-pin connector. However, this year, it’s rumored that Apple will discontinue using the older port in favor of a newly redesigned, smaller dock connector.

Thus far, we’ve seen the cutouts for the port in the leaked back housing images and the insertion portion of the proposed USB cable that will comes bundled with the device. Recently, iResQ posted images of what they’re claiming to be the actual dock connector and headphone jack components to be used in Apple’s upcoming next-generation iPhone and their rumored iPad Mini.

Similar to the image that was leaked earlier this week, both cables have the headphone jack port integrated towards the bottom. While in alignment with the rumors about Apple repositioning the headphone jack on the iPhone, it was previously thought that, if released, the smaller iPad would more closely match the current iPad’s component layout.

Moreover, these leaked components appear to be newer, as the proposed iPad Mini flex cable’s part number appears to be 821-1516 – the previous leak featured a part number of 821-1476.

8 Pin iPhone 5 mini Dock Connector Port

The closeup photo of the alleged next-generation dock connector reveals that the redesigned port has exactly eight gold pins towards the bottom. While numerous sources have been debating the exact size of the dock connector, the recent USB connector cable leak also has eight gold pins.

With numerous part leaks building off of and confirming one another, is it possible that the public already has a glimpse at Apple’s upcoming sixth-generation iPhone? We’ll hopefully find out in less than a month on September 12th: the rumored date for this year’s annual iPhone unveiling event.