iPhone 5 And New iPod Touch Expected To Introduce Panorama Camera Mode

Apple iPhone 5 panorama cameraAccording to a Tweet from iOS Developer Will Strafach, the iPhone 5, as well as the refreshed iPod Touch, will introduce a new panorama camera mode.

[The new iPod Touch] also has that Panoramic photo feature enabled as far as I know. I think the new iPhone does as well.

While it’s widely accepted that the iPhone 5 will be unveiled at tomorrow’s media event, there’s been recent speculation regarding whether Apple will announce a much needed update to their iPod Touch lineup – primarily because it’s thought that Apple will reserve tomorrow’s spotlight for the star of the show: the new iPhone.

iPod Touch and iPhone 5 Panorama camera mode

iPhone 5 ipod iOS 6 panorama camera

Regardless of whether the next-generation iPod Touch will be revealed tomorrow, the developer claims that both devices will have the new camera mode enabled at launch. Interestingly enough though, the Tweet has since been deleted. Strafach claims it wasn’t due to the inaccuracy of the information in the Tweet, but rather because it was “already known”.

Rene Ritchie from iMore was reportedly the first to come across the knowledge of a possible panorama mode in Apple’s next generation of iOS devices earlier this year.

Members of the Jailbreak community are likely familiar with a similar panorama feature that was hidden in iOS 5 by Apple and enabled via chpwn’s Firebreak Cydia package.

Since Firebreak’s release, it’s been a long-standing theory accepted by the vast majority of iOS device owners that Apple will introduce the panorama camera feature in iOS 6. However, during Apple’s WWDC event this June, no such feature was announced. Is it possible that Apple was saving the new panorama addition until the iPhone unveiling event? Stay tuned for live coverage of tomorrow’s media event!

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