Alleged Next-Generation iPhone Dock Connector Leaked And Detailed

Alleged Next-Generation iPhone Dock Connector Leaked And Detailed After numerous leaks pertaining to the “new iPhone”, today Nowhereelse posted images of what they’re claiming is the connector end of the USB that’s compatible with the next-generation iPhone.

Aside from the proposed connectors, the image also has the USB end of the cable in the top right corner for a shocking comparison.

While the original report states that they cannot confirm the authenticity of this leak, it appears to be in-line with recent rumors. Supporting claims of a significantly smaller connector, the metal insertion portion of the cable has exactly 8 gold pins and appears to be drastically smaller than the initial claims would suggest.

It’s also likely that, similar to the current 30-pin connector, this new, smaller, redesigned connector will  function properly when inserted in either orientation.

Alleged iPhone 5 Dock Connector Leaked And Detailed

Curiously though, as apparent in the second image (embedded above), the connector piece in the upper right appears to be slightly bigger and have an enlarged area for the pins over the other two, which also differ from one another in size.

Is it possible that one of the above metal pieces will make its way to the retail space as Apple releases their next-generation iPhone, or could they all simply be prototypes that have since been discarded? We’ll know soon enough, Apple is scheduled to hold their annual iPhone unveiling event on September 12th. Stay tuned for complete coverage.

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