iPhone 5 Jailbroken Hours After Release

Jailbreak new iPhone 5

Today, in a short and somewhat cryptic tweet Grand Paul, better known by chpwn (his online handle), revealed that the iPhone 5 has been Jailbroken only hours after its release.

Chpwn, a respected developer, hacker and iOS security expert, tweeted the following with an attached image:

Taller screens like Cydia too. 🙂

However, the real indicator and proof that the new iPhone 5 has been Jailbroken, is the screenshot of the iPhone 5’s homescreen with the Cydia app that chpwn included in the above tweet.

Then, in a quick Twitter conversation with Stefan Esser (i0n1c), chpwn revealed that the iPhone has been completely Jailbroken.

While it would be very simple to fake the screenshot, when coming from a reliable source like chpwn, it’s easy to have faith in its validity.

However, just because the iPhone 5 has already been Jailbroken, doesn’t mean there will be a public utility to Jailbreak the new iPhone any time soon. As with new iOS device releases in the past, it’s often revealed that the device is capable of being Jailbroken shortly after its release.

There is, without a doubt, countless hours worth of work required to produce a fully functional utility and, more often than not, the security experts prefer saving discovered Jailbreak exploits for use at a later date. With that said, stay tuned for complete coverage on the iPhone 5’s Jailbreak status.

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