iPhone 5 Logic Board Leaked By Credible Source

iPhone 5 part leaksAccording to Nowhereelse, a Chinese forum by the name of WeiPhone has leaked two pictures of what they’re claiming to be the “iPhone 5’s” logic board. A key component in the iPhone, the logic board connects the processor and other chips that enable the device to properly function.

The photos, embedded above, are of the front and back of the proposed next-generation iPhone’s logic board and it appears to differ from the boards used in the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

In the report, it’s highlighted that the screw holes on the logic board align perfectly with the mounts from the previously leaked enclosure (here’s a GIF that illustrates this).

next-generation iPhone logic board

Moreover, the same individual who posted the above images on the WeiPhone forum reportedly leaked photos of the iPhone 4S’ logic board last year.

Since one of the original proposed next-generation back pieces was leaked in May, images of numerous “iPhone 5” parts have surfaced that all seem to point to one thing: the same basic design.

While there have been leaks for past iPhone generations, it seems there are more now than ever before. With Apple likely mass producing units ahead of what will probably be their most successful iPhone launch in the company’s history, there are bound to be various leaks. As rumors suggest, Apple is scheduled to hold their annual iPhone unveiling event on September 12th; stay tuned for complete coverage.

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