Next-Generation iPhone To Use An A6 Processor Based On New Leak?

New iPhone 5 to Use A6 Processor Over the past few months, numerous alleged next-generation iPhone parts have been leaked. However, the processor and “system-on-a-chip”, arguably one of the more interesting components, has yet to be mentioned in any semi-credible report.

It’s speculated that the “iPhone 5” will follow suit after the new third-generation iPad by featuring a modified A5X processor. In the past, both the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S have taken after the new iPad releases by adopting the same, slightly underclocked, processor. While the A5X is still a dual-core processor, it provides outstanding quad-core graphics that easily outperform the likes of nvidia’s Tegra 3 quad-core “super processor”.

Last week, images of the proposed next-generation iPhone’s logic board with the metal shielding removed were leaked. The logic board is essentially a key component in the iPhone as it connects the processor and other various parts vital to the device’s capability to function.

iPhone 5 to feature A6 processorSonny Dickson, a hacker and researcher who has been scouring the web for images of the various components that have supposedly been leaked through Apple’s supply chain, posted a photo of what seems to be a logic board similar to the previous leak. However, in this new image, the Apple logo and an “A6” are branded on the primary “system-on-a-chip”, which is connected to the logic board.

Unfortunately, the validity of this photo is extremely hard to gauge – it could have easily been faked. Moreover, due to the low quality and small image size, it’s near-imposible to determine whether or not the photo was tampered with.

It seems highly unlikely that Apple would break the cycle of using the same basic processor in the iPhone as in the iPad. But, with the mobile space constantly growing more competitive, it’s certainly possible that Apple will go all out for their sixth-generation iPhone. Stay tuned for complete coverage on Apple and the upcoming iPhone refresh.