iPhone 5S Enters Mass Production, Foxconn Expands Its Workforce

iPhone 5S Production
According to new reports from both The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg, Foxconn (one of Apple’s primary manufacturing partners) has apparently begun hiring additional workers to aid in iPhone 5S production. Today’s news unsurprisingly follows a separate report from March, suggesting that Foxconn was preparing to enter mass production stages for the iPhone 5S.

Both the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg confirm that Foxconn is simply expanding its already-large number of laborers to accommodate the “seasonal demand from clients,” namely Apple.

As for a solid release date, unfortunately, there isn’t one. The majority of rumors surrounding Apple’s next-generation iPhone suggest that the device will either be released sometime this summer, presumably following the device’s announcement at this year’s World Wide Developer Conference, or later during fall of this year.

Recent rumors suggest the iPhone 5S may be equipped with NFC (near field communication), a biometric fingerprint scanner and even wireless charging technology. Stay tuned for complete coverage on Apple’s forthcoming seventh generation iPhone as we quickly approach the device’s official announcement.