Jailbreak 4.3 – SHAtter Exploit Fixed for iPad 2

Great news for iPad 2 users (I didn’t cover this earlier because I wasn’t sure that it was true or not but now it looks more likely with p0sixninja’s new tweet), it seems that Greenpois0n could get an update to include iOS 4.3 support (whether it would just be for iPad 2 users or not is unknown).

Here are a couple interesting tweets that lead me to believe that this could be true:

For those of you that don’t know, all the recent Jailbreaks (since limera1n) have all used Geohot’s exploit. The Chronic Dev Team (creators of Greenpois0n) also had an exploit, dubbed the SHAtter exploit, Geohot convinced them to use his exploit and save theirs for future iDevices (such as the iPhone 5 and iPad 2). After some testing, members of the iDevice hacking community confirmed that both Geohot’s exploit and the SHAtter exploit were patched in the iPad 2 (which means they would be in the iPhone 5 as well). But Vincent (veence), a reliable source, believes that the Chronic Dev Team may have found a way to resurrect the SHAtter exploit and  use it on the iPad 2! However, in order for it to be an untethered Jailbreak (which means you don’t have to rerun the Jailbreak application every time you need to reboot) it would require a userland exploit as well – that is where i0n1c an Comex come into play. As most of you know, Comex and i0n1c have successfully Jailbroken the iPad 2 using a userland exploit – if my hunch is correct then hopefully the Chronic Dev Team will work together with Comex, i0n1c and other iDevice hackers to bring us an untethered Jailbreak sometime soon.

We probably won’t know for sure though until Apple releases iOS 4.3.1 (which should be within 1-2 weeks) – iDevice hackers like to wait to release the Jailbreak tools so that Apple doesn’t just patch their exploit within a week!

Stay tuned!

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