Jailbreak 7.1.1 Untethered With Pangu For iPhone 5S, 5c, 5, iPad Air, Mini, iPod Touch

Earlier today, a Chinese development team created and released a  7.1.1 jailbreak using exploits presented by i0nic. This jailbreak is independent of the iPhone Development Team / Evaders and will install a cracked application source which we recommend that you stay away from. Jailbreak with caution as the software is still new and there may be potential security risks.

This guide will help jailbreak any device running on iOS 7.1.1 or 7.1 fully untethered (no restrictions) using PanGu. Included devices: iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, and iPod Touch.

Steps to Jailbreak 7.1.1 Untethered

  1. Download and open the PanGu software
    Windows Download | Mac (coming soon)
  2.  Uncheck the box on the application to remove unwanted software
    Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 12.28.03 PM
  3. Plug in your iDevice and click the only button to start
    Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 12.29.24 PM
  4. PanGu will prompt you to change the time on your device. To continue go to  Settings > General > Data and Time and turn off “Set Time Automatically”. Change the date to  02 June 2014 at 8:30PM or 20:30, and then return to the home screen.
    Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 12.22.08 PM
  5. An app icon will appear on your home screen, tap on it to open and wait for the process to complete (it may take a while).
  6. Once your iDevice reboots, you’ll be required to unlock and tap the new Pangu icon for a second time.
  7. Upon the final reboot, you’ll be greeted with Cydia – simply open it and wait for the customary initial respiring.

Congratulations, you are now jailbroken on 7.1.1. For more updates and tutorials, be sure to like our page. Also, for a more in-depth tutorial, navigate to Jailbreak 7.1.1 Pangu’s archive for the topic.

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  1. Zkk

    I jail broke it with an iPhone 4, everything went well. But when I got to the CYDIA part, CYDIA opened but it’s just a white screen.

  2. TheNOISYCar1

    can someone give me a direct link? the page just freezes after i hit subscribe

    1. saidul

      I test pangu tool on ipad 2 ver7.1.1 but process stopped at “injecting Bundles…please wait”…HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!

  3. kevin

    What if you had a semi tethered jailbreak from geeksnow should I restore it back and then jailbreak it? or just jailbreak it?

  4. Eric

    My iPhone 5 on 7.1.1 is stuck in a reboot loop and all I can do is put it in recovery mode and restore back to 7.1.1 and will not successfully install cydia :( if anyone has any help it’d be much appreciated.

  5. jon simmons

    after i changed my time the app didnt appear also the pangu dowload start button i dont know if t worked

  6. George

    Worked on my iPhone 5 running iOS 7.1.1. And I think it will work on all devices running iOS 7s. Just follow the steps this site has gave you. Tested and running. If you want any proof, you can email me. Thanks BTI!

  7. momo

    yo i’m a bit confused, this works with ipad 3/retina display, right? can you help? please and thank you

  8. sam

    in your video you said its safe but here you says stay away…just confused…could you please tell me its safe or unsafe? ;) thank you

  9. joseph

    you do not have to reestore and backup its optional cause it makes it 100% not bug out u ccan take risk if u want

  10. Carlos

    I’m using a US based iPhone 4s IOS 7.1.1 in Norway and I cannot get any cellular service to make/receive phone calls . However I can get data service with the SIM card. ANY ideas what is happening? When I Jailbreaked with Pangu and installed Ultran0w it worked for 2 hours, then it crashed :'( No more calls for me

  11. Žan Korenč

    is there anyone that can’t download jailbreak from PagNu website, cuz i can’t ?

  12. Velit Tumenci

    Guys the way i am reading this makes me understand that a release from a jailbreak7.1.1 has been released can someone confirm that please?

  13. Ken Wei Lee

    i jailbreak my iphone 4 tethered with redsnow n it needs to be reboots with the redsnow utility on the computer, i try using this pangu and it needs to be reboot 2 times, after the reboot i cant on my phone cause it is in tethered so wat am i suppose to do to get the untethered??????? help pls

  14. RJ Hadley

    I find it funny that you say you recommend staying away, yet then go ahead and tell people how to do it anyway. Seems pretty stupid to me

  15. Keegan Mathur

    Got it on my iPad 2 and iPhone 5S, worked fine, and the clock reset itself for those curious

  16. Justin Michael Hernandez

    It worked fine for me. A lot of the tweaks aren’t updated for 7.1 but there are some good ones that do work.

  17. Michael Wood

    Han Dogan Han Dogan idk which one is your good one but here is a jailbreak for 7.1. Came out today. Read the article though. Do at your own risk lol

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