iPad Jailbreaking Illegal, iOS 6.0.1 And 6.1, iPad Mini, iPad 4 And More

Welcome to the hundred-and-eleventh episode of my series entitled BestTechInfo and Rumors!

In this episode I discuss the status of the legality of Jailbreaking, iOS 6.0.1 and 6.1, the iPad mini and 4th generation iPad and more.

Links to the topics in this episode:

1. Apple Testing iOS 6.0.1 For An Upcoming Release, iOS 6.1 To Follow
2. Apple’s October 23rd iPad Mini Media Event: Live Coverage
3. Apple Decorates California Theatre In Preparation Of October 23 Media Event
4. Jailbreaking The iPad And Unlocking Are Now Considered Illegal Under The DMCA
5. New Apple iPad mini and iPad 4th gen Overview and Review
6. New Apple iPad mini Giveaway and Announcement
7. Apple Quickly Selling Out Of Initial iPad Mini Pre-Order Stock
8. Apple’s Fusion Drive: Advantages And Limitations Detailed
9. Get Paid Apps, Gift Cards Free on the iOS 6 App Store

Giveaways discussed:

To gain entries in my new fifth-generation iPod touch giveawayfollow the instructions outlined here.

To enter the brand new iPad mini giveaway, follow the instructions outlined in this post.

Amazon Kindle Fire tablet giveaway winner: (details listed here).

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