Leaked Alleged Next-Generation iPhone Casing Suggests Significant Design Changes

Alleged Next-Generation iPhone Leaked Casing Suggests Significant Design ChangesAccording to 9to5Mac, who cites an unnamed source, if the images they received are “genuine”, ¬†Apple’s next-generation iPhone will have a completely different design from that of its processor’s. The most apparent and notable difference between the alleged iPhone backing and the one used on the current iPhone 4S is the middle section. In the leaked photos, it appears to have an aluminum (or some other type of metal) mid section, whereas the top and bottom are awkwardly composed of a different material – presumably glass.

Additionally, in the leaked photos, the dock connector is significantly smaller and the size of both the speaker and microphone grills have increased covering almost the entire surface. Also, oddly enough, the headphone jack is located on the bottom of the the casing; instead of the top like previous generations. What’s more, it looks as if there’s another microphone of sorts (possible for noise cancelation purposes) located between the camera and LED flash.

Building on the above changes, it’s reported that the casing is vertically enhanced over previous generations to make way for a display that’s closer to 4-inches.

While the next iPhone could take on certain aspects of this leak, there’s a strong possibility that it’s simply a prototype. When looking at the two materials used and strangely positioned on the back casing, it almost looks unfinished and certainly isn’t Apple-esque. With that said, stay tuned for complete coverage on Apple’s upcoming sixth-generation iPhone!