Leaked Images Of A Nearly Assembled “iPhone 5” Surface

A Japanese site by the name of iLab recently publicized high-definition photos of what they’re claiming to be Apple’s next-generation iPhone (two of which are featured above and below).

CydiaBlog, another site that reported on iLab’s “iPhone 5” images, added their own analysis of the latest leak:

The camera module cutout looks to be larger, there is an enhanced version of speaker and microphone configuration at the bottom, new smaller dock connector (instead of 30-pin Dock Connector, 16-pin connector could be introduced). Another notable design change in the new iPhone front panel shows the FaceTime camera has been moved to a centered position above the earpiece speaker (it is currently to left of the earpiece in iPhone 4S and iPhone 4).

But the really interesting part here is the two-tone design, which bears a resemblance to the original iPhone.

Corresponding with previous leaks, the above images also embody a two-tone backing. Moreover, while other reports suggest the docking port may be slimmed down to support a 16-pin connector, there’s a strong possibility that Apple will go with a redesigned 19-pin dock connector – which has been a topic of controversy, but has also been reiterated by a number of reputable news outlets citing “unnamed” sources.

Expected to be released this fall alongside iOS 6, the next-generation iPhone will certainly make an impression. Whatever the future holds for Apple and their increasingly popular iPhone, stay tuned for complete coverage!