Leaked Images Of iPad Mini 4:3 Display Surface Prior To Apple’s October 23 Event

iPad Mini Display Leaked

Today ETrade Supply, a parts firm who received iPhone 5 components as far back as June, publicized a new set of leaked images they believe to be the display for Apple’s rumored iPad Mini tablet.

The display, measuring at 162mm in height by 124mm in width, or 6.3 inches by 4.8 inches, is said to maintain the same 4:3 aspect ratio of the regular sized iPad.

Back of iPad Mini

On the back of the display, text and part numbers suggest it was manufactured by LD’s display division and the text near the ribbon cable appears to be consistent with that of genuine Apple parts.

Shortly after ETrade Supply posted the images they received, Nowhereelse published a report that features an image of what’s allegedly an iPad Mini display in Quality control testing. While Nowhereelse reportedly received the image last week, they were unable to even remotely verify its authenticity – however, after seeing ETrade Supply’s images, they decided to release it. Recently, Nowhereelse leaked, and reported on, dozens of iPhone 5 images prior to the device’s unveiling that turned out be accurate.

iPad Mini Display quality control

With Apple scheduled to hold a second fall media event next Tuesday, October 23rd, the general consensus amongst the blogosphere is that they’ll use said event to unveil their much anticipated iPad Mini. Stay tuned for complete coverage on both Apple and their upcoming press conference.

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