Leaked Images Surface Of An iPad 3 Retina Display Production Line

iPad 3 Concept

With the announcement and release of Apple’s next generation iPad clearly visible just beyond the horizon, last minute leaks have been pouring out of Apple’s supply-chain and distribution channels.

Yesterday photos were discovered on a Chinese forum that depicts a supposed iPad Retina display production line. The forum post features multiple blurry images (taken in secrecy) of Apple’s rumored 2,048-by-1,536 Retina iPad display.

Additionally, the post contains an image of packaged displays ready to be shipped – most likely to a final iPad 3 assembly line.

However, what’s more interesting is that the post claims the alleged “iPad 3” Retina displays are manufactured by Samsung (the company that’s determined to continuously create slanderous commercials, attempting to tarnish the iPhone’s image):

Radi­ant inter­nal, iPad3 screen code J2, and these prod­ucts are the name of the logo of Sam­sung Elec­tron­ics, and even sealed box tape has the logo of Sam­sung Electronics. After the prod­uct is pack­aged, will pass through cus­toms shipped to South Korea’s Sam­sung head­quar­ters, pro­vid­ed by Sam­sung to the Apple!

The post then goes on to explain that the photos are incredibly low resolution because Apple takes leaks very seriously and they most likely had to use special equipment to capture the images:

Have been iden­ti­fied, Radi­ant Opto-Electronics Wujiang plant a total of four iPad3 real machine secu­ri­ty mea­sures are too tight, you can not take to iPad3 pho­tos care­ful­ly observed, but, accord­ing to broke peo­ple, iPad3 appear­ance and iPad2 basi­cal­ly the same, only dif­fer­ent iPad3 pos­i­tive bor­der than iPad2 much nar­row­er, and the vol­ume keys iPad3 no!

Here are some additional photos that were featured on the forum:


According to the individual on the inside who took the photos, Apple’s next-generation iPad 3 will sport a very similar design to that of their iPad 2 (solidifying what we’ve already heard). Stay tuned for full coverage on Apple’s next-generation iPad 3.

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