Leaked iPad Mini Component And Proposed iPod Touch-Like Design

Leaked iPad Mini Part And iPod Touch-Like Design
Recently, the majority of Apple-related news has been dominated by rumors and leaks pertaining to Apple’s upcoming next-generation iPhone. But between yesterday and today, numerous reports have been published that suggest Apple will indeed release an iPad mini.

All recent claims point towards an iPad mini with a thinner profile than even the current third-generation iPad, similar to the fourth generation iPod Touch’s 7.2 mm thick design.

First, 9to5Mac made the claim that, if released, a miniature iPad would more closely resemble “a big iPod touch” than even the current iPad. Suggesting that the device will sport a thinner bezel around the edges, which opens up to a thicker bezel surrounding the top and bottom of the device’s screen.

This iPod touch-like design makes a lot of sense for a number of reasons. For one, when compared to the Nexus 7 (and Kindle Fire, Galaxy Tab 7, RIM Playbook, etc.), this would give the iPad mini a similar, “purse-able,” and “big pocket-able” form factor but with a larger 4:3 display. The lack of a bezel on the sides will make it easier to hold too.

Additionally, 9to5Mac goes on to suggest that the iPad mini will – at the very least – come equipped with a front-facing camera and possibly LTE connectivity for select models.

iMore offered a smilier report stating, that the device will “be the exact same thinness as the iPod Touch” and feature a narrower side bezel – more reminiscent of an iPod Touch or iPhone than the iPad.

Based on several sources, I believe that design to be an accurate representation of what the iPad mini will look like. In addition, it’s my understanding that it will be the exact same thinness as the iPod touch, which is substantially thinner than the 9.7-inch iPad. The quick mockup [below] shows what I believe are accurate proportions for the iPad mini compared to the 9.7-inch iPad and the current generation iPod touch 4.

ipod touch design mini iPad

Also, John Gruber from Daring Fireball seems to concur with both of the above reports, stating that the device may very well make use of a narrower side bezel and notes that the device will offer an iPod Touch-iPad hybrid design.

The iPad 3 — the whole device, not just the display — measures 241.2 × 185.7 mm. Divide and that comes out to roughly 1.3, which is very close to the aspect ratio of the iPad display (1.333…). […]

That’s not true for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The iPhone 4S is 115.2 × 58.6 mm; divide and you get roughly 1.97 — far different proportions than the 1.5 (3:2) aspect ratio of the display. Again, just look at it.

Should not the iPad Mini fall somewhere in between?

Finally, today, Nowhereelse posted of photo of what they believe to be a telex cable for a mini iPad. Featuring connections for the rumored redesigned dock connector (expected to be incorporated into the new iPhone), the home button and headphone jack, the layout appears to be similar to the proposed corresponding “iPhone 5” component.

min ipad cock connector and flex cable

The report also states that Kyle Wiens from iFixit has analyzed the photo and feels that it’s consistent with current Apple parts and components, but that he’s unable to verify its authenticity. Additionally, the cable’s part number is a similar style to that of other various flex cables used by Apple in their iOS-based devices.

While many were skeptical of the idea of a smaller iPad when the concept was first proposed, it has since gained additional merit. With Apple’s annual iPhone media event rumored to be held on September 12th, is it possible that they could also announce a smaller and thinner iPad to be released at a later date? Stay tuned for complete coverage on Apple and their upcoming iPhone and possible iPad mini unveiling event.

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