Leaked iPhone 5 Dock Connector Assembled In Back Housing

New iPhone 5 Dock Connector Back HousingFollowing last week’s images of next-generation iPhone and “iPad Mini” flex cables, iResQ has leaked new images that build upon their previous link.

According to the repair site, they’ve received what they were told is an iPhone 5 back enclosure and have successfully installed the alleged flex cable and dock assembly. Despite the fact that both parts were obtained by iResQ from difference sources, they’re reporting a successful fit.

The screw holes and components attached to the cable, which mostly consist of the redesigned dock connector port and the headphone jack, align perfectly. However, while the fit isn’t one-hundred percent conclusive, it does add merit to the leaked design that surfaced nearly three months ago in May.

Dock Connector Port iPhone 5

Additionally, the bottom view provides a glimpse as to what may very well be the bottom portion of the finalized design. Thanks to the significantly smaller dock connector, the headphone jack was relocated to the bottom of the device and both the speaker, and microphone grills, were able to be increased in size.

With the vast number of similar leaks that all seem to confirm one another, we’re being ¬†given a ¬†idea as to what a taller iPhone with a 4-inch screen could look like. But, that being said, it’s important to note that everything we are basing our idea of Apple’s next-generation iPhone on are purely rumors and speculation. Until Apple officially reveals the new iPhone during their annual unveiling event, which is rumored to take place on September 12th, we won’t know for sure. Stay tuned for complete coverage on Apple and what’s bound to be the must successful iPhone launch to date.