Leaked ‘iPhone 5′ Dock Connector Info, Microsoft’s Surface An iPad Killer? Xbox 720 & More

Welcome to the ninety-third episode of my series entitled BestTechInfo and Rumors!

In this episode I discuss leaked information regarding the “iPhone 5’s” dock connector, Microsoft’s new Surface Tablet, the Xbox 720 and more.

Links to the main topics in this episode:

1. Document Leaked Detailing Alleged Next-Generation ‘Xbox 720′ And Kinect
2. Will Microsoft’s Newly-Unveiled ‘Suface’ Tablet Dethrone Apple’s iPad? 
3. Next-Generation iPhone To Feature Smaller 19-Pin Dock Connector? 
4. Vacation Block Suggests A Late July OS X Mountain Lion Release
5. Next-Generation iMac Models Aren’t Likely To Sport Retina Displays

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