Leaked iPhone 5 Front Panel Indicates No NFC Functionality

Leaked iPhone 5 Front Panel Indicates No NFC FunctionalityWith the majority of iPhone 5-related leaks and rumors pertaining to the device’s screen size, redesigned dock connector and unibody two-tone back housing, one aspect that may be important to some customers is often overlooked: NFC (near field communication).

Last month, there was a bit of controversy among certain contributing members of the blogosphere regarding a set of photos from Macotakara and whether or not they verified NFC capabilities of the upcoming iPhone. Later, The Loop (a very reputable site when it comes to verifying Apple-related rumors) reported that the iPhone 5 simply will not come equipped with the components to make NFC possible.

Recently, MacRumors consulted with the professionals from RepairLabs to determine that the part previously thought to indicate NFC capabilities in the upcoming device is more likely than not a simple earpiece speaker.

Now, Sonny Dickson (a hacker and researcher) reported on a new set of photos of an alleged iPhone 5 front panel. One of the images depicts the questionable component, that was once thought to suggest NFC functionality, as the smaller speaker piece that’s used during standard phone calls.

No NFC in iPhone 5

Unfortunately, while most hoped NFC would greatly improve the functionality of iOS 6’s integrated Passbook app, based on recent reports, it doesn’t seem likely that the technology will make it to the sixth-generation iPhone. With that said, stay tuned for complete coverage on Apple’s upcoming iPhone unveiling event – scheduled for Wednesday, September 12th.

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