Leaked ‘iPhone 5’ SIM Tray Suggests Apple Will Use New Nano-SIM Technology

Two months ago, in June, it was reported that the European Telecommunications Institute (ETSI) adopted a new standard for the next-generation of SIM cards, dubbed nano-SIMs.

Boasting an overall size reduction of 40% over it’s micro-SIM predecessor, nano-SIM cards are the obvious choice for upcoming smartphones, as they allow of a significant reduction in the size of internal components.

With the rumored next-generation iPhone September unveiling event just a month away, a new publication from Nowhereelse suggests that Apple may very well adopt the new nano-SIM they helped standardized for the new device. Apple has reportedly been testing the new SIM ahead of the next-generation iPhone’s announcement and release.

As depicted in the above image, the cutout in the proposed “iPhone 5’s” SIM tray is notably smaller than that of the iPhone 4S’ SIM tray. What’s more, the overall size of the loading mechanism for the SIM card appears to be reduced in width and not height.

While still unconfirmed, it’s highly likely that the upcoming iPhone will sport the new, smaller nano-SIM standard to conserve internal device real-estate. Stay tuned for complete coverage pertaining to Apple and their next-generation iPhone.

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