Leaked iPhone 5S Parts Suggest Apple Will Abandon The Mute Switch

iPhone 5S Parts LeakedWith Apple’s annual WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) quickly approaching, leaks and alleged details pertaining to the next-generation iPhone will inevitably dominate the Apple rumor mill in the weeks to come. Prior to the iPhone 4S, Apple had used the conference as a platform to announce new generations of the iPhone. Now, the majority of the rumors surrounding the “iPhone 5S” are split into two groups: the ones that claim the device will launch this summer, in which case Apple executives may once again take the stage to announce the company’s next version of the iPhone, and the rumors that suggest Apple will wait until fall to release the iPhone 5S.

Recently, a Japanese component vendor named iLab Factory has posted images of what are allegedly parts for the next-generation iPhone. If authentic, iLab notes that these components could very well belong to the much rumored low-cost iPhone that may be announced alongside the iPhone 5S.

Component for iPhone 5


iPhone 5 audio component cable with mute switch from iFixit (highlighted by MacRumors

Interestingly, the report also highlights a new “Push switch” flex cable that houses three buttons, which will run along the device’s side – similar to the current iPhone’s volume and silent toggle controls. However, instead of featuring a switch to control whether the device is in silent mode, like all previous iPhone generations have had, this new component simply has three buttons.

The new and odd configuration of the flex cable suggests that Apple’s upcoming iPhone, whether it’s the iPhone 5S or its rumored cheaper counterpart, might sport a push button instead of the traditional mute switch iPhone owners have become so accustomed to over the past six and a half years.

On a separate but related note, iLab also points out that the vibrator in the part pictured above utilizes a new dual-head design, which differs from that of the current iPhone 5’s vibration mechanism – however, the motivation behind the change remains unclear.

iPhone 5S Camera Component

Finally, iLab has also posted images of two other components that reveal little information other than the fact that one uses a significantly longer cable than the one found on the corresponding iPhone 5 part.

Although the layout of the front camera flex cable pictured above is nearly identical to that of the one used in Apple’s iPhone 5, the leaked part is apparently missing the previously integrated microphone and a number of other sensors that are present on the part’s predecessor. This radical simplification of the camera flex cable ironically may suggest a significant internal component design change. Stay tuned for complete coverage on Apple, the forthcoming iPhone 5S and the plethora of leaks that will inevitably precede the device’s official unveiling.