Leaked Next-Generation Parts Suggest A 4-Inch iPod Touch Display

leaked iPod touch parts bigger screenToday, MacRumors received images from a source that are reportedly parts for the next-generation iOS-based devices. The piece that stands out most is an alleged front panel for the next-generation iPod Touch.

The supplier claims that the display on Apple’s next iPod Touch will be vertically larger than that of its predecessors, measuring approximately 4.1 inches diagonally.

If these images are authentic and do in fact belong to the next iPod Touch, there’s no doubt that the upcoming sixth-generation iPhone will have a display with the same measurements.

Moreover, the same source also provided (smaller and lower-quality) images of other supposed components that are said to belong to the next-generation iPhone – including the front and rear cameras, as well as a home button flex cable. Despite the fact that the images provided are inarguably small, the front camera component and flex cable are extraordinarily different from those used in past models. While the components are undoubtably revamped, it’s likely that the end-user won’t notice a difference where functionality is considered – the changes are presumably to accommodate a major redesign.

iphone 5 next-gen parts

In addition to the images provided by MacRumors, BadGizmo Repair posted similar images of higher quality that are apparently from the same supplier as those pictured above.

Although leaked components are becoming fairly common in the world of iPhones, iPod Touches and iPads, there’s absolutely no guarantee (as of now) that the images of the most recent parts are genuine – the same is applicable to future “leaks”. In light of Apple’s most recent and almost redundant iPod Touch refresh, news and rumors pertaining to the next-generation device are long overdue and there’s no doubt this will be the last prior to its inevitable release. With that said, stay tuned for complete coverage on Apple and their next-generation iPhone and iPod Touch.