Leaked Parts Suggest The iPad 3 Will Feature A Retina Display, A High-Res Camera And A Bigger Battery

camera iPad 3 leaked

With the next-generation “iPad 3” unveiling event rumored to take place sometime within the first week of March, it’s no wonder that images of leaked imaged of alleged iPad 3 parts are starting to appear online.

Apple iPad 3 retina display

Today, iLab leaked images of what they’re claiming is a back panel for the next-generation iPad. The panel is approximately 1mm thicker than its predecessor – most likely to make room for more powerful components, a bigger battery and possibly even a dual-LED backlight system. However, aside from the difference in thickness, the leaked panel is the same width and height as the panel used for the iPad 2.

Additionally, a leaked 2,048 x 1,536 Retina resolution display (manufactured by Sharp) fits perfectly into the newly positioned mounting screw holes on the leaked back panel.

The camera hole on leaked panel also suggests that the camera lens and sensor will also be upgraded from the iPad 2’s iPod Touch-quaility lens to something more suitable for capturing picture-perfect moments.

Stay tuned for full coverage on iPad 3 related news and rumors.

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