MuscleNerd Hints iOS 6 Untethered 6.1 Jailbreak Release Date And Confirms Support

New iOS 6 Untethered Jailbreak Release DateToday’s been beyond exciting for those of us who have been patiently and eagerly awaiting an iOS 6 Untethered Jailbreak. Not only did Apple release iOS 6.1, but MuscleNerd (the unofficial leader of the iPhone Dev Team and one of the four evad3rs) has also tweeted a wealth of amazing information pertaining to the Untethered Jailbreak.

Last week, it was revealed that MuscleNerd, planetbeing, pod2g and pimskek formed a new team, dubbed the evad3rs, to finish the development of an Untethered iOS 6+ Jailbreak. Until today, we were told by various influential members of the Jailbreaking world that an Untethered Jailbreak would be released sometime after Apple issues 6.1, which was a rather broad timeframe. Thankfully today, in a series to tweets, MuscleNerd added some much-needed clarity to their release schedule.

First, in a concise statement, MuscleNerd stated that those following fake evad3rs twitter accounts will miss out on the “excitement this week“. Additionally, in a response to a follower who inquired about domain names, MuscleNerd revealed that the team will launch their site “pretty soon”.

Minutes later, MuscleNerd confirmed that the Jailbreak will function on all iOS-based devices with 6.1 except the third-generation Apple TV, which means you can safely upgrade to iOS 6.1 if you haven’t already. Here’s a list of all iDevice that the forthcoming Jailbreak will support: the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, fourth-generation iPod touch, fifth-generation iPod touch, iPad 2, third-generation iPad, fourth-generation iPad, iPad mini and the second-generation Apple TV.

For those of you who will inevitably ask for a specific release date, thankfully MuscleNerd’s covered that too. In a clever tweet, he inquired whether his followers knew that the Super Bowl is this Sunday and posed the question: “What will you be doing?”, while ccing the @evad3rs twitter handle and

Finally, as a word of caution, both pimskeks and MuscleNerd urged users to upgrade to iOS 6.1 via iTunes instead of Apple’s over the air (OTA) upgrade feature. The iTunes restore method will, when the time comes, ensure that users can successfully Jailbreak without encountering issues.

With all of today’s incredible news, it’s safe to say that the Jailbreak community will see a much-needed influx of traffic. Stay tuned for complete coverage on the status of the iOS 6 and 6.1 Untethered Jailbreak for all iOS-based devices.

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