New 5th-Generation iPod Touch May Feature 1136×640 Display And An A5 Chip

5 generation iPod touchFollowing this morning’s earlier report about the iPhone 5 and an updated iPod touch introducing a new Panorama camera mode, iOS developer Will Strafach also Tweeted several pieces of information pertaining to the unreleased next-generation iPod touch.

Strafach believes that the new iPod touch will be equipped with the same 1,136-by-640 4-inch screen as the rumored iPhone 5. This information aligns with the leaked alleged next-generation iPod touch parts that were first pictured earlier this year in May. Additionally, Strafach claims that the upcoming iPod touch has been internally referred to by the code name N78AP.

iPod touch 5th generation A5 processor

In a separate Tweet, Strafach suggests that the new iPod touch will be powered by a modified A5 processor that utilizes the new 32-nanometer die-shrink process first introduced in the cheaper iPad 2 and the third-generation Apple TV (explained in depth).

When will Apple release a new iPod touch?

Despite the fact that Apple released a slightly updated iPod touch, which is near-identical to the previous models, alongside the iPhone 4S last October, the iPod touch has been in need of an upgrade for quite some time.

While certain reports have suggested that Apple will wait to unveil an updated iPod touch until another fall event, expected to take place in October, others state that Apple will announce updates across their iPod lineup at tomorrow’s event (this would include the iPod touch). Whether Apple decides to unveil an updated 5th-generation iPod touch during tomorrows event is still questionable – stay tuned for live coverage.