New A6-Powered iPad Discovered By A Developer

According to a recent report from Macrumors that cites an unnamed developer, evidence was uncovered of a new iPad model. The new discovery of  an unheard of device with the designation “iPad3,6” was buried inside the developer’s app analytics. While it’s not uncommon for iOS-based devices with new nomenclatures to be hidden inside various developer tools and IPSWs, the device’s name isn’t the most interesting part.

As stated by the developer, the device is said to utilize the new ARMv7 architecture that Apple’s A6 chip was created with. Recently introduced in the iPhone 5, Apple’s custom A6 dual-core processor has been found to outperform most quad-core-based smartphones.

While it’s unclear what the “iPad3,6” name represents, the “3” would, based on past iOS devices, imply that it’s some variation of the third-generation iPad. Apple has always used the first number in their custom nomenclature to identify the generation of the device and the second number to denote the different models (i.e. Apple uses “iPad3,1”; “iPad3,2” and “iPad 3,3” to identify the cellular and Wi-Fi iPad 3 models).

One possibility for the “iPad3,6” is that it’s actually the 2013 model iPad running some variation of Apple’s new A6 chip. However, it makes more sense that the “iPad4,x” nomenclature would be reserved for such a device.

As of now, it’s unknown what type of iPad is associated with the newly-discovered name, but stay tuned for complete coverage.

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