New iPad (4th Generation) Successfully Jailbroken On iOS 6

6.0.1 iPad 4 Jailbreak Achieved

Following Saturday’s news of the Dev Team successfully Jailbreaking Apple’s new iPad mini tablet only a day after its release, Grant Paul tweeted a screenshot of Cydia running on the new 4th Generation iPad.

Noting that Cydia doesn’t look any different on the 4th Generation iPad than it does on its predecessor, Paul (better known as chpwn online) assured his followers that his screenshot is indeed of Apple’s latest full-sized iPad. Over the years, chpwn has been an instrumental contributor to the Jailbreak scene who frequently collaborates with members of the Dev Teams and has even released his fair share of Cydia tweaks.

Similar to the iPad mini that was reportedly Jailbroken, it’s safe to assume that the new 4th Generation iPad is Jailbroken by way of a Failbreak. As mentioned in our iPad mini article, a Failbreak is simply a term coined for a Jailbreak method that cannot be publicly released, as it relies on an iOS Developer account and would spur legal issues.

While the news seems mostly discouraging to those who are looking to Jailbreak their new iPads immediately, this is actually great news – it serves as proof that the iOS hackers and security experts are indeed working on a Jailbreak solution for newer iOS-based devices running iOS 6 and 6.0.1. Stay tuned for complete coverage on the progress of the Untethered iOS 6 and 6.0.1 Jailbreak for Apple’s latest iOS devices.