New iPhone 5 LTE 4G Speed Test And Review

Shortly after I posted my iPhone 5 unboxing video earlier today, I published the above iPhone 5 4G LTE speed test video. With Apple promising theoretical speeds of up to 100Mbps, LTE was certainly one of the more exciting additions to the sixth-generation iPhone.

However, as I soon discovered, the tremendous influx of customers clogging the network quickly diminishes the speeds one can expect. Surprisingly slower than HSPA+ here in Los Angeles, LTE doesn’t seem to have any noticeable impact on performance when downloading over the network.

That being said, hopefully as the strain on the network lessens, speeds will increase and be worthy of the “4G LTE” title. Moreover, based on location and cellular network, speeds are subject to change drastically. Whereas initial tests in Los Angeles yield staggeringly slow speeds, more mature LTE locations – and those with less customers – could experience blazing fast download and upload speeds.

Stay tuned for complete coverage on Apple’s new iPhone 5.

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