New 4-Inch iPhone 5 Screen, Video Concept Based On Rumors

New 4-Inch iPhone 5 Screen Video Demonstration
Arguably one of the most notable changes in Apple’s upcoming sixth-generation iPhone is expected to be an increase from the standard 3.5-inch screen size that’s been used in previous generations to a new display, measuring roughly four inches diagonally. While it’s anticipated that the screen size on the new device will be increased, it’s expected to maintain the same width and only the vertical portion of the screen will be increased, as to obtain an aspect ratio closer to the 16:9 HD standard.

Based on countless leaks, including a bit of code in the official iOS 6 simulator that correctly scaled the program to the rumored screen size, the next-generation iPhone will likely have a resolution of 1,136-by-640. Moreover, when the resolution was uncovered through the iOS simulator, it was revealed that the home screen on iOS 6 already natively supports the enhanced resolution by adding an extra row of apps.

To accurately represent and provide a demonstration of what the new iPhone’s four inch display would look like in action, if the recent reports are indeed accurate, MacRumors requested that a video be made to highlight the device’s screen (embedded above).

The short video presents an accurate representation of an iPhone with a four-inch screen, based on the plethora of leaks and rumors surrounding the device. While the extra screen real-estate obviously allows for larger folders and additional information to be shown in general apps, MacRumors envisioned a creative solution for existing apps. Suggesting that if left the same, and not modified to take advantage of the larger display, the apps will automatically go into a letterbox mode (similar to certain HD movies that aren’t filmed in the 16:9 format) by adding black boxes towards the top and bottom of the screen. Additionally, Apple uses a similar method on iPad models that turns the viewing into a letterbox-esque viewing mode while the 2x setting is active.

While parts of the video are admittedly based on conjecture, MacRumor’s feels that the video is indeed an accurate representation of what the “iPhone 5” will look like if it’s indeed equipped with a display measuring four-inches diagonally. We’ll find out soon enough when Apple reveals the upcoming iPhone to the press and public during their annual iPhone unveiling event, rumored to be held on September 12th. Stay tuned for additional coverage on Apple and the 2012 iPhone refresh.