New Petition For An Open iOS Initiated And iOS 6 Jailbreak In Underground Development

iOS 6 Jailbreak In Development WeWantAnOpeniOSEarly yesterday morning, popular iOS security expert and hacker pod2g tweeted a link to a Twitition that was created by @flawlessfox (the founder of JailbreakCon). Twitition is essentially a site that individuals can utilize to quickly and easily create and share petitions. In the case of flawlessfox, the petition, which is branded with the “WeWantAnOpeniOS” hashtag, was created with the intention of showing Apple just how many of their users are interested in the expansion of iOS’ SDK  and API.

While pod2g’s intentions were first misinterpreted by followers, when he originally tweeted the link to flawlessfox’s Twitition, he quickly clarified that he “never said ‘open source’,” they’re simply referring to the possibility of Apple allowing modifications to the springboard and operating system in general.

Even if Apple choses to ignore the now thousands of people who have singed the “WeWantAnOpeniOS” petition, a solution will inevitably arrive in the form of a refreshed iOS 6 Jailbreak.

Additionally, pod2g shared that he stumbled upon some comments that essentially suggest Apple has “won” the game of cat and mouse and the Jailbreak developer teams have waved the white flag of surrender. In a few tweets addressing the comments, pod2g corrected the pessimists by stating that the iOS 6+ Jailbreak is currently being developed underground (in secrecy).

If you’re interested in having Apple expand their SDK to enable various iOS tweaks and extensions, be sure to visit the official petition and sign it – it’s as simple as clicking the blue “Sign” button and logging into your Twitter account. Also, to spread the word, click here to send out a Tweet. Remember, the more people we can reach with this petition, the better the  chances are of Apple taking it seriously. Stay tuned for complete coverage on Apple, iOS and any news regarding the possible expansion of iOS’ SDK and API.