New Proposed 2012 iMac And Mac Mini Pricing And RAM Options Detailed

New iMac Mac Mini release 2012 8GBAccording to a new report from 9to5Mac, prices for Apple’s upcoming iMac and Mac mini refresh will match the current models, which all but confirms that Apple isn’t planning to update their iMac line with Retina-quality displays.

While initial speculation led to the conclusion that Apple’s 2012 iMac models would be both thinner and more expensive, 9to5Mac’s recent intel would suggest otherwise.

In a separate article, the news blog suggests that Apple will introduce support for official 8GB RAM units. Previously supporting only 4GB modules, Apple’s iMac and Mac mini could only be upgraded through Apple either 16GB or 8GB of RAM, respectively.

The potential switch from 4GB support to 8GB would empower the iMac to be officially upgraded to a maximum of 32GB of RAM, assuming Apple continues to include four slots for RAM.

Whatever the case may be, Apple will hopefully reveal the next generation of both iMacs and Mac minis to the public on October 23rd during their second fall media event – stay tuned for complete coverage.