New Purposed Details Of Microsoft’s Upcoming Windows Blue OS Emerge

New Leaked Microsoft Windows Blue OS

Last night, according to an article from BGR, Microsoft is rumored to have taken a page from Apple by moving their operating system to an annual release schedule.

Microsoft’s next major installment to Windows OS is allegedly slated for release in mid-2013. Dubbed “Windows Blue”, the forthcoming operating system update may, as revealed by an unconfirmed Microsoft official who goes by the appellation of “maxy”, introduce new customizable options.

Such enhancements include, but are not limited to, the debut of resizable and more user-influenced app tiles. Other proposed changes include a graphical overhaul to the poorly-implemented legacy “desktop view” – the “flattening” of the taskbar will allow for a more cohesive and complete Metro UI.

Maxy also reports that the adoption of 6.3 (a new and revised kernel) will smooth the entire operating system and will maximize its fluidity. While it’s too early to determine whether maxy’s claims are mostly based on conjecture, changes to Windows OS’ performance and overall feel are certainly conceivable and likely accurate. Stay tuned for additional coverage on Microsoft and their next major operating system: “Windows Blue”.

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