New Virtual Controls Patent From Apple Suggests They’re Looking Into Creating Touchscreen Macs

Apple Mac Touch Screen According to PatentlyApple, the US Patent & Trademark Office published a patent filed by Apple that details a touchscreen desktop with new virtual controls. With the entire mobile smartphone and tablet market dominated by touchscreen devices, it makes sense that Apple would try to revolutionize the PC market with the introduction of a touchscreen Mac.

Patent Touchscreen

Even though there are currently touchscreen PCs available in both the laptop and desktop sectors of the market, they aren’t widely accepted like touchscreen smartphones and tablets are in the mobile market.

Apple’s touchscreen desktop patent focuses on the addition of new hybrid knob and slider controls to replace or add onto the existing graphical elements that are widely used among all non-touchscreen operating systems.

Despite the fact that Apple recently filed for a touchscreen PC patent, it’s unknown whether or not a touchscreen Mac will come to fruition because of Apple’s love of collecting patents. Stay tuned for more news and coverage related to Apple and their patents.