OS X 10.9 Expected To Bring ‘Power-User’ Features And Multitasking

10.9 Cabernet Power User OS XToday, in an exclusive report, 9to5Mac highlights alleged details on Apple’s forthcoming OS X update (OS 10.9) that’s expected to be unveiled alongside iOS 7 during WWDC 2013. In mentioning that the update will bring further “power-user” features, 9to5Mac notes that the next major installment to OS X is codenamed “Cabernet”.

OS 10.9 is expected to bring tabbed browsing and tags to Finder windows, a new and redesigned backend for Safari, which is said to bring “improved page loading, speed, and efficiency,” as well as the ability to allow full-screen apps on external monitors.

As far as the user interface is concerned, the report suggests that while there will be some changes to the way OS X looks and feels, they “will not be drastic ones”. With Jonathan Ive (Apple’s SVP of Industrial Design) now leading the software Interface group, as a result of a corporate restructuring that took place late last year, OS 10.9 should hopefully bring welcomed visual improvements to OS X. Ive is renowned for his incredible product design work, but we have yet to see if his talents will carry over to software.

Additionally, today’s report also mentions that Apple has been in the process of developing an iOS-esque multitasking system for OS X that could potentially allow for app-pausing, effectively extending the battery life of Apple’s laptop computers.

Finally, while it was previously expected that a full-fledge computer version of Siri would be integrated into OS X with the release of 10.9, Apple’s management restructuring may have caused the company to reexamine their initial plans.

Stay tuned for complete coverage on what’s next for OS X as we approach Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC), which will be held June 10th to the 14th in San Francisco, California.