P0sixninja On iOS 7 Jailbreak, 6.1.3 Tethered Guide, FreeAppLife, Leaked Cheaper iPhone & More

Welcome to the hundred-and-forty-ninth episode of my series entitled BestTechInfo and Rumors!

In this episode I discuss p0sixninja’s recent comment on a future iOS 7 Jailbreak, my updated 6.1.3 Tethered tutorial, FreeAppLife, a leaked alleged lower-cost iPhone component and more. 

Links to the topics in this episode:

1. New Jailbreak 6.1.3 iOS iPhone & iPod Touch 4 How To Filmed With Google Glass

2. Visit Free App Life On Your iOS Device For The Latest Free Apps

3. FreeAppLife iOS 6.1.3 How To Get Paid Apps Free Without Jailbreak iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

4. Detailed Photos Of Alleged Lower-Cost Plastic iPhone Shell Surface

5. FAL Launches In Beta Stages – Become An Early Adopter

Question of the day – What are you thoughts of FreeAppLife so far?

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