Jailbreak 8.1.2 Untethered Using TaiG Or PPghost: Every iPhone, iPod And iPad [Updated]

Today, in a rapid-fire release following the new iOS 8.1.2 firmware, the Chinese-based TaiG dev team updated their utility of the same name for complete support with iOS 8.1.2 – TaiG can now fully Jailbreak 8.1.2 Untethered. This is an incredible time to Jailbreak the latest public firmware or to make the leap from 8.1 if you’ve been holding off on Jailbreaking 8.1.x until now. With that said, let’s proceed with the new iOS 8.1.2 Jailbreak tutorial!

Apple Releases iOS 8.1.2, Does It Patch The TaiG Jailbreak? All Jailbreakers Should Read This!

Today, ensuing the release of the all-new TaiG Untethered Jailbreak, Apple issued iOS 8.1.2 to the public for supported iPhone, iPod touch and iPad models. In the second incremental 8.1.x update, the first being iOS 8.1.2’s predecessor: 8.1.1, as of writing this article, the TaiG Jailbreak isn’t compatible with the minor release. However, today’s news isn’t all bad and may prove beneficial to Jailbreakers. While iOS 8.1.2 is available for immediate download via iTunes, as well as Apple’s significantly more popular over-the-air or OTA update option (which is graciously blocked by Apple for Jailbroken devices), it’s recommended that all users

Top 8 Best Cydia Tweaks Compatible With TaiG iOS 8.1.1 Jailbreak: All iDevices

There’s no doubt that it’s been an incredibly exciting time for Jailbreakers recently – not only did Pangu release an iOS 8 through 8.1 Jailbreak utility approximately a month after the first iteration of iOS 8 was released, but a new team dubbed TaiG recently released an all-new Jailbreak for 8.1.1 (the firmware that patches the aforementioned Pangu tool). However, since the release of my Untethered Jailbreak 8.1.1 tutorial, a number of viewers and readers have inquired as to which tweaks are compatible with the TaiG Jailbreak.

How To Jailbreak 8.1.1 – 8.1.2 Untethered Using TaiG – All iPhone, iPod And iPad Models

Today, in a completely unexpected and rather shocking release, a new Chinese-based dev team by the name of TaiG (yes, the same group that attempted to fund evasi0n7 by the evad3rs last year) released an out-of-the-blue Jailbreak 8.1.1 utility, dubbed TaiGJBreak. While I never thought I’d say this, TaiG’s new Jailbreak tool is actually rather redundant, as not only is 8.1.1 (the firmware that patches the previous Pangu iOS 8 through 8.1 Jailbreak) a minor release without any substantial changes, but Apple is still, as of writing this article, signing iOS 8.1 – meaning devices can still downgrade from 8.1.1

Best iOS 8 Jailbreak Tweak – AppHeads Redefines iOS 8.1 Multitasking And Takes It A Step Further!

Today, ensuing my recent Top Cydia Tweaks video for Jailbroken iPhone, iPod touch and iPad models running iOS 8 through 8.1, I’ve opted to review an all-new Cydia tweak that not only takes multitasking to the next level, but also redefines the experience as a whole. Having said that, while the aforementioned tweak, dubbed AppHeads, is a premium Cydia package, meaning it’s a $4.99 paid tweak, AppHeads is well worth it if you’re looking for something more out of iOS’s default multitasking system.

Top 8 iOS 8 Cydia Tweaks For 8.1 Pangu Jailbreak, All iDevices – November, 2014

Recently, as the Pangu iOS 8 Jailbreak has had ample time to mature, in addition to tweaks and packages being updated to support the latest firmware(s) and devices, new and exciting tweaks have begun to propagate throughout Cydia. Today, ensuing the release of Apple’s iOS 8.1.1 Pangu Jailbreak-patching firmware, I’ve opted to curate a new top Cydia tweaks list, all of which support iOS 8 through 8.1 and function on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad models.