Xbox LIVE Will Power Windows 8’s Entertainment Options

With the launch of Windows 8 on the horizon, Microsoft is taking big steps to unify their platforms. Xbox Live, Microsoft’s online gaming community for the Xbox 360 and WP7, is making its way to Windows 8 next year! In an interview, the VP of Global Marketing at Microsoft, Mike Delman had this to say about their exciting new plans:

Apple Rewards Big For Recruiting New iCloud Personnel

Apple is looking for new employees for the new iCloud Division. Following Apple’s WWDC event, Apple said they will be giving $10,000 bonuses to existing employees for each iCloud employee they recruit. The offer is only up for grabs for so long though, Apple wants the new employees in before next month.

iOS 5 Might Support Native Panoramic Photography

It appears that Apple will allow users to take panoramic photos in the camera app – if the code pictured above makes it into the final release of iOS 5. As of now, there’s confirmation no how it works and it appears to have been left out of iOS 5 B1 (just like Wi-Fi Sync and a few other features that are KNOWN to be in the final release of iOS 5).

iOS 5 Can Be Jailbroken But i0nic’s Untethered Exploit Is Patched

In less than 24 hours after the initial release of iOS 5 beta 1, Musclenerd released pictures via Twitter that proved it can still be Jailbroken. However, along with the picture, he said that the exploit he used resulted in a tethered Jailbreak (which means every time you need to reboot your device, you must plug it into your computer and run a program in order to turn it on). Well, It looks as if i0nic’s untethered exploit (which was used from iOS 4.3.1-4.3.3) has been patched in iOS 5 – according to a recent tweet:

The PlayStation Vita Has Been Announced

Sony’s NGP (Next Generation Portable) device was officially announced at Sony’s E3 presentation. It’s called the Sony PlayStation Vita and it will include an OLED touch screen display,dual analog joysticks,front and rear cameras and the back side of the device can also accept touch input.

iOS 5 Beta Hints At iPhone 5 & iPad 3

TUAW‘s sources have discovered references to new iDevices, specifically “iPad3,1″ and “iPad3,2″ as well as , “iPhone4,1″ and “iPhone4,2″ (Currently, the firmware for the iPhone 4 reefers to it as “iPhone3,1″ and “iPhone3,3″). It’s not unusual for people to stumble upon codes and names for new Apple products inside of iOS betas – it has happened multiple times in the past and the most resent was when iOS blogs came across the name “iPhone3,3″ (referring to a CDMA iPhone).

iPhone 3GS Doesn’t Support Every iOS 5 Feature

As most of you know, iOS 5 beta 1 was released yesterday after WWDC – with a public release planned this fall. It appears that the iPhone 3GS was left out of some key features in the Photo app according to 9to5Mac: The camera app features grid lines and lets you lock the exposure and brightness settings, but image editing (red eye removal, cropping and magic wand) is not supported on the iPhone 3GS.