Comcast Showed Off 1Gbps Cable Speeds

Comcast CEO Brian Roberts demoed the latest in cable technology earlier today at the Cable Show 2011. The presentation consisted of the new Xfinity TV platform which demonstrated cloud processing and grabbing internet content from Facebook and other services – oh and the best part is that it was running on a Comcast modem that surpassed the 1Gbps benchmark! As of now, there is no official information on when this super fast cable technology will be available for Comcast’s customers but they promised to “keep up the pace as the internet continues to evolve” – let’s up it’s sooner rather than later.

2011 Macbook Air Refresh

AppleInsider has recently reported that Apple might be updating their MacBook Air series with new hardware and thunderbolt I/O ports as well. So if you were planning on getting a Macbook Air, you should probably hold off one month for the upgraded super thin laptop!

Facebook’s Project Spartan To Compete With Apple’s App Store

TechCrunch continues to profile Facebook’s once secret project, dubbed ‘Project Spartan’ – their goal is to plan a web-based alternative to Apple’s App Store for iOS devices. The project is a framework for apps that would use “social hooks” and work inside of Facebook’s environment – kind of like how the Facebook apps already function on computers:

Unlocked iPhone 4 Now Available

Today marks a new day, Apple will now sell unlocked GSM iPhones! While it may not be that big of a deal, it certainly marks the end of the exclusive AT&T only iPhone era here in the US.

Apptrackr, Developers Of Installous, Might Release Their Own Jailbreak

Judging by the recent tweet from the developers of Installous (@Apptrackr), it looks like DRM protection in the next major Jailbreak (from the conventional Dev Team). For those of you that don’t know, DRM protection is a way of securing the device to prevent App pirating – and that’s not okay with the developers of @Apptracker. The tweet clearly states that if DRM protection is included in the next mainstream Jailbreak, they will simply release their own NON-DRM Jailbreak:

iOS 5 Find My iPhone – iCloud Feature

iOS 5 allows you to remotely find, lock, and wipe your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad! While this has been available for a while, it hasn’t been integrated into iOS until now! Oh and the best part is that it’ll be free when iOS 5 and iCloud launch this fall! Check out my video demo:

Xbox LIVE Will Power Windows 8’s Entertainment Options

With the launch of Windows 8 on the horizon, Microsoft is taking big steps to unify their platforms. Xbox Live, Microsoft’s online gaming community for the Xbox 360 and WP7, is making its way to Windows 8 next year! In an interview, the VP of Global Marketing at Microsoft, Mike Delman had this to say about their exciting new plans: