New iMacs Unleashed: Thunderbolt Ports, Quadcore Processor, FaceTime HD Camera & More

The highly anticipated and much rumored rumored iMac lineup was refreshed this morning (check it out on Apple’s website here). The iMacs were updated with faster Sandy Bridge processors, AMD’s 6790M graphics processors, HD FaceTime camera (capable of providing full resolution to the 27″ models 2560 by 1600 pixel display) and TWO Thunderbolt I/O connections were added in the update.The biggest revelation besides two Thunderbolt I/O’s, is that every model of the new iMac now comes with a quad-core processor.

iOS 4.3.3 Rumored To Bring Location Storing Fix

Last week, Apple said it would be updating their iOS to 4.3.3 in order to fix “bugs”. iOS 4.3.3 is said to be just one big fix for location storing, they are now updating it so that it only stores a week’s worth of location data as well as allowing users to turn off the storing of location data. That update is coming in a few weeks according to BGR:

Safari Based Cydia Store – Lima

The Infini Dev Team, who made Icy, have started working on a new project that will allow you do download Cydia packages from Safari on your Jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

iOS 5 Is Being Mass Tested – Public Developer Build Soon?

After the slew of cool new features that were introduced in iOS4, iOS 5 is expected to bring some great new features, hopefully a new notification system! App developers are already starting to see the next iOS version show up in the statistics they receive from Apple. Hopefully it’s proof that Apple is ramping up testing for the next major iOS release. The photo (above), from 9to5Mac, shows that the next major version of iOS is being tested on all kinds of devices, such as iPods, iPads and iPhones of all versions; including the iPhone 3GS (not shown in the  above picture). It was

Nose Stylus?

  Finally! For those of us who happen to take our smartphones into the bath with us—admit it—Dominic Wilcox has the answer. It’s a stylus wrapped in plaster that you wear on your nose to peck at your phone. As insane as this sounds and looks, it does what its supposed to. Nevermind the fact that you shouldn’t get your phone or tablet wet with whatever is on your hands when you use it. Just take the extra time to put your Finger-Nose on, and away you go. I can just barely see using this indoors for those guilty moments when I

iPad 2 Jailbreak: p0sixninja VS Geohot

It appears that the prodigal son of Jailbreaking has returned! Earlier p0sixninja (one of the main members of the Chronic Dev Team), challenged Geohot to a Jailbreak duel! And Geohot accepted: Game on! Even though this seems difficult to believe, p0sixninja is a reliable source and doesn’t joke around about stuff like this.

Find My Mac – New Feature Likely In OS X Lion

When the first developer preview of Mac OS X 10.7 Lion was released, “Find my Mac” strings were found hidden deep in the operating system. At that time there was no concrete evidence that Apple was planning on bringing their “Find my iPhone” service to Mac OS X. Now, there are some strong indicators (in the latest Lion update) that “Find my Mac” will be launched with Lion. The first would be the “Find my Mac” icon, which is very “Find my iPhone”esque:

Why You Should Jailbreak Your iPhone

One of the questions that I get asked the most is: “Why should I Jailbreak?” – I honestly get tired of answering the same question day after day. Luckily Cyida’s creator (Jay Freeman, aka Saurik) and Britta Gutafson answered the same question for a reporter a couple of days ago.

$4.5 Million For iCloud – Or For Multiple Clouds?

  $4.5 million sounds like A LOT of money to pay for just ONE domain (, but what if $4.5m bought Apple a portfolio of cloud-related domain names? Xcerion (the company that sold Apple the domain(s), owns nine other cloud/iCloud related names, as pointed out by Elliot Silver, it makes sense that Apple may have scooped up those names as well. Notably, Xcerion owns (or owned) names like and iCloudApps, in addition to the following domain names:

The White iPhone 4 Is Fat

  Well well well, it looks like the plastic on the white iPhone 4 is slightly bigger than the plastic on the black iPhone 4; although, Apple isn’t acknowledging this. It is probably within the standard range where everyone’s cases will fit just fine. Time to move on (really, it’s no big deal).