Google Purchases Motorola For $12.5 Billion


Today, Google has announced that they’ve purchased Motorola for a staggering 12.5 billion dollars in order to “supercharge” their Android platform! Google’s CEO, Larry Page, announced the acquisition of Motorola today on Google’s official blog: Given Android’s phenomenal success, we are always looking for new ways to supercharge the Android ecosystem. That is why I am so excited today to …

Apple Increases Production Ahead Of The iPhone 5 Launch


According to Digitimes, Apple has increased their second half of 2011 iPhone orders from 50 million to 56 million units due to high demand! The 56 million units include the upcoming iPhone 5, the iPhone 4 (both GSM and CDMA models) as well as the iPhone 3GS – out of the total 56 million assorted iPhone order, approximately 25.5-26 million …

Apple Was Extremely Close To Releasing A 3G Capable MacBook Pro


Since the release of the original 3G capable iPad, enthusiasts have been eagerly awaiting a 3G (or 4G) capable MacBook Pro. What’s surprising is that in 2008, Steve Jobs (Apple’s cofounder and CEO) told USAToday that they weren’t ready to release a 3G capable MacBook Pro because they didn’t want users to be locked into a specific carrier. When you …

German Officials Seize iPhone 5s At An Airport


According to 9to5Mac, individuals were stopped at a German airport and officials confiscated iPhone 5s (or knockoff iPhones) from them on July 21st. It also appears that German officials are working with Apple to determine the origin and authenticity of the confiscated iPhone 5s. Here are the most important parts of the official article (via

iPhone 5 & iPhone 4S Rumors, A6 Processor News, Nintendo Games For iDevices & More

This is the thirty-sixth episode of my series titled “BestTechInfo And Rumors”! This series is all about providing current and up-to-date technology related news and rumors for all of my readers and viewers. In this episode, I discuss the iPhone 5 and 4S, information regarding A6 processor availability, Nintendo games for iDevices and more! Links to the articles discussed in …

Apple Will Unveil The iPhone 4S And iPhone 5 In September


Not too long ago, Digitimes reported that manufactures have already begun production for Apple’s next-generation iPhone – which will be unveiled in September and released in October. And now, Macotakara is suggesting that that a modified iPhone 4 (presumably dubbed the iPhone 4S) will be available during that timeframe.

Apple’s A6 Processor Won’t Be Available Until 2012


According to Taiwan Economic News, trial production of Apple’s next generation A6 processor has begun. Their sources also claim that the chip will be finalized and unveiled in the first half of 2012 – probably when the iPad 3 is released. In addition, Apple is moving away from Samsung and they will no longer manufacture processor for Apple products – …

Shareholders Push Nintendo To Create iPhone And iPad Games

Rumor has it that Nintendo might begin to produce titles for iOS devices. Many of Nintendo’s shareholders actually think it’s a great idea and suggested it due to the rapidly growing iDevice community: Nintendo should try to either buy its way into this platform (smartphones) or develop something totally new.