T-Mobile iPhone 4?

After years of being exclusivity with AT&T, Apple now looks forward to join hands with yet another carrier: T-Mobile (which is also AT&T now that I think about it)!. BGR has leaked a set of photos featuring an iPhone prototype to be sold with T-Mobile. The internal model is N94 while the one on Verizon is N92 and the standard GSM one is N90.

Cydia Isn’t Feeling Well

Cydia has been having some issues lately due to a failure in Amazon’s Servers.  Saurik explained that this outage is affecting the ability to purchase Cydia packages access the theme center and manage your account.  Just a quick heads up for you all.  This shouldn’t heavily affect you as a Cydia user unless you are one of those people who does purchase Cydia packages.  Hopefully it will all be sorted out soon!

Windows 8 Face Recognition

    Facial recognition was one of the purported Windows 8 features to surface last summer in a batch of leaked Docs. Now, the login API in the latest build of Windows 8 is making that rumor seem more likely.

More iPhone 5 Rumors!

  ThisisMyNext.com, has reported that the next generation iPhone, the iPhone 5, will have a completely new design a lot like the current generation iPod Touch.  As Engadget posted back in January, the iPhone 5 is set to have a completely new design (“a completely redesigned handset”).  Sources say that the next generation, or at least one of the new designed in test stages, looks “more like an iPod Touch than the iPhone 4.”

iPhone 4S?

The iPad 2 is a VERY powerful device, when compared to its predecessor. One thing that largely contributes to it’s speed is the A5 processor, which apart from being dual-core, it also provides a far better gaming experience. The graphics performance of the A5 processor is said to be up to 9 times faster than its predecessor.

Crackle – Watch Free Movies And TV Shows On Your iPhone, iPad Or iPod Touch

Finally, you can watch FREE movies on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch – without Jailbreaking! The Da Vinci Code, Big Daddy, Ghostbusters, Snatch and hundreds more: full-length, uncut and FREE. Plus, top rated TV series like Seinfled. Crackle is one of the fastest growing digital entertainment networks, offering quality movies and TV series from Columbia Pictures, Tri-Star, Screen Gems, Sony Pictures Classics and more. ( Crackle is a division of Sony Pictures Entertainment. ) Features:

How to: Prevent Apple From Stalking You!

A new Cydia tweak now allows you to disable Apple’s way of tracking your locations as mentioned in yesterdays post. Just a quick heads up here guys. Check below for screenshots!

Apple’s Watching You!

If you have an iPhone, you’re being tracked right now, too, whether you like it or not. It turns out that all our iPhones are keeping a record of everywhere you’ve been since June. This data is stored on your phone (or iPad) and computer, easily available to anyone who gets their hands on it.