iPad 2 And iOS 5 Jailbreak Update

by Tanner Doigon June 18, 2011
Recently, Comex and MuscleNerd had a conversation via twitter about the iPad 2 jailbreak or possibly the iOS 5 jailbreak in general. First, Comex said:

HomeScreen Settings Jailbreak Tweak Enables Settings Options On The HomeScreen [VIDEO]

by Tanner Marshon June 18, 2011
Another day, another great Cydia tweak demoed! This time it’s a tweak from Limneos and it’s called HomeScreen Settings and the name pretty much describes its capabilities. HomeScreen settings allows you to easily access all of your settings on the homescreen by turning them into icons – oh and it can even do settings from […]

iPad 2 Jailbreak Update

by Tanner Doigon June 18, 2011
Another jailbreak update has been made public via twitter by PaulPols:

Microsoft And ChevronWP7 Team Up To Form ChevronWP7 Labs – An Official Unlock

by Tanner Marshon June 17, 2011
The ChevronWP7 (Windows Phone 7) team has announced a new, way for developers to unlock their WP7 devices in hopes of gathering more developers. Unlocking is necisary for WP7 devices to run applications that aren’t signed by Microsoft (IE for development purposes).

iPad “Now” Ad

by Tanner Marshon June 17, 2011
Apple has done it again, they created another great iPad ad!

iPad 2 Air Mirroring Via Apple TV 2 Demo [VIDEO]

by Tanner Marshon June 17, 2011
iOS 5 brings wireless mirroring from your iPad 2 to your TV via your Apple TV 2 – and yes, this does include the ability to play iPad games on your TV as well! Check out the video demo after the jump:

Apple Teaches Educators And Businesses How To Upgrade To OS X Lion

by Tanner Marshon June 17, 2011
Apple updated educators and businesses with instructions how to upgrade to OS X lion, so they’ll know how to do it when it’s released. Check out the full document after the jump: