The New iPhone 4S/5 Might Be Announced At WWDC 2011

by Tanner Marshon May 26, 2011
I’m sure we can all agree that the general consensus lately has been that the next-gen iPhone won’t make an appearance until fall of this year (even though we at BestTechInfo never believed it for a second) – according to ElectricPig, Apple’s UK PR department is trying to round up UK-based journalists in hopes of convincing them […]

iPhone 3GS Users Won’t Be Able To Update To iOS 5

by Tanner Marshon May 26, 2011
With all of the issues that the iOS 4 brought to the iPhone 3GS (random reboots, poor battery life, slower performance and an overall sluggish UI), it was pretty clear that the iPhone 3GS would soon stop receiving updates from Apple – thus rendering the phone outdated.

Square’s CEO, Jack Dorsey Explains Why Nothing Is Free At Apple

by Tanner Marshon May 26, 2011
It makes sense, Apple doesn’t just give out the Square Readers for free because if they did, there wouldn’t be any profit in it (for Apple) and people would simply take it just because it’s free.

Chronic Dev Team’s iPad 2 Jailbreak: Update

by Tanner Marshon May 25, 2011
Early this morning, P0sixninja, one of the key members to the Chronic Dev Team and apparently the one in charge of the iPad 2 Jailbreak shared something pretty interesting with us on Twitter:

Apple App Store Unofficially Passes 500,000 Approved Apps

by Elliot Reissneron May 25, 2011
  A new infographic has emerged recently – it reveals that Apple has unofficially crossed the 500,000 app mark.

Apple Acknowledges MacDefender As A Maleware Threat – OS X Update Coming Soon

by Elliot Reissneron May 25, 2011
  Apple has announced in a new support document that an update to Mac OS X will be issued in “the coming days” to find and squash malware. This malware comes through supposed anti-virus software that is actually built to steal private information like credit card numbers.

State of the Chronic: Greenpois0n 4.3.3 Jailbreak Update

by Tanner Marshon May 24, 2011
Yesterday, the Chronic Dev Team released an official statement going over some general questions, and it includes the iPad 2 Jailbreak as well as an interesting comment about 4.3.3 support. Here is their full statement, which was released on their official website: When there isn’t one cohesive overall goal for a post, it is always […]

Dell’s “Thinnest” Laptop Isn’t Even As Thin As The MacBook Pro

by Tanner Marshon May 24, 2011
We were expecting a MacBook Air-like device.  It turns out Dell’s new product, dubbed “Thinnest 15-inch PC on the planet” isn’t thinner than the 15-inch MacBook Pro I gave up a year ago for an Air.  That’s the same one that came out with the Unibody manufacturing process in October 2008. Dell’s 15-inch XPS 15z is .97 inches […]