Apple Exploring Displays With Privacy Viewing Mode

by Tanner Marshon May 21, 2011
Apple’s patent team has been on a roll in the past couple of weeks. The latest patent application describes a “privacy mode” on displays for their mobile devices that can steer display light beams in various directions – allowing only the person directly in front of the display to see its content. Patenty Apple explains: The […]

Foxconn iPad Factory Explosion, 16 Injured, 2 Killed

by Tanner Marshon May 21, 2011
MIC Gadget came out with a breaking story about an explosion at Foxconn’s Chengdu manufacturing plant that happened earlier today. This facility is where  iPad 2s are produced. The publication explained that the explosion occurred inside of an “operating room”: We are not sure actually what cause the explosion and how many casualties had resulted. At the scene, there […]


Guild Wars 2 Watch: The Engineer

by Tanner Marshon May 20, 2011
As you can tell from the title, the first segment will cover the newly announced Engineer class!


Qualcomm Brings Augmented Reality SDK To iOS

by Tanner Marshon May 20, 2011
According to Mobilized, Qualcomm will be porting its augmented reality environment to iOS devices even though Apple doesn’t use Qualcomm processors (though the Verizon iPhone/iPad and future iOS devices are expected to use Qualcomm baseband chips). Apple likely isn’t going to drop the A5 for a Snapdragon, but perhaps there is more to the Qualcomm […]

Apple Patent From 2009 Reveals Cloud Music

by Tanner Marshon May 20, 2011
Patently Apple recently dug up a patent filed way back in 2009 that relates to Cloud music streaming with iTunes.  Apple, calling the service ”seamless and invisible to the user,” details how the service picks the location to retrive data whether it is local or stored on a server. Here’s a segment from the patent:


Toshiba Demos A 720p 367ppi 4-inch Display

by Tanner Marshon May 19, 2011
Last week, Toshiba announced a new type of 4-inch smartphone screen. It would have been pushed aside as yet another LCD display if it weren’t for its 367 ppi (pixels per inch). It appears that Toshiba has outclassed the 3.5-inch 960-by-640 326 ppi Retina Display on the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G. Engadget had […]

99% Of Android Devices Are Vulnerable Hackers

by Tanner Marshon May 18, 2011
Researchers experts at multiple universities are now claiming that almost all smartphones running Google’s Android software could be allowing third party companies to use user’s “digital tokens” that could allow access to services such as Google Calendar and Contacts. The issue, which affects all devices running versions of Android prior to 2.3.3, relates to handling […]

They Just Can’t Sit Still – iPad 2 Jailbreak Update

by Elliot Reissneron May 18, 2011
The much anticipated iPad 2 Jailbreak has been speculated about since before the day of the iPad 2′s release.  However some other “Apple News Sites” have jumped the gun yet again on their speculations for an iPad 2 Jailbreak.  Sites such as Redmondpie and others reported that the iPad 2 Jailbreak would be available in […]