iOS 4.3 Jailbreak & Cydia v1.1– Update

by Tanner Marshon March 18, 2011
The Tweets say it all! Here are the pictures mentioned in the Tweet above:

iOS 4.3 Jailbreak “JailbreakMe 3.0″ – Q&A

by Tanner Marshon March 17, 2011
Alright, I have been getting too many questions to even count! First of all let me start by saying this, chances are good that if you have questions they can be answered in my original posts (start here then go here). If your still confused then hopefully I can answer some/most of your questions.

iOS 4.3 Jailbreak & Unlock – Release Info

by Tanner Marshon March 16, 2011
Legendary iOS hacker Comex along with numerous other hackers are working like crazy to bring us the best possible Jailbreak for all iDevices on 4.3 (this includes but is not limited to the iPad 2).

4.3 Untethered Jailbreak – JailbreakMe 3.0?

by Tanner Marshon March 15, 2011
iPhone hacker and security expert Stefan Esser recently updated the description of his video on YouTube (the one that demonstrated the iOS 4.3 unethered Jailbreak on an original iPad) – It nows says the following:

iPad 2 & iOS 4.3 Jailbroken

by Tanner Marshon March 14, 2011
Comex, a very knowledgeable and reliable iOS hacker, has done it again. It’s only been 2 days sense the release of the iPad 2 and Comex has already managed to Jailbreak it! Although there hasn’t been an ETA on the release date, stay tuned – I will have coverage! Here are some Tweets indicating more good […]

iOS 4.3 Jailbroken – Untethered

by Tanner Marshon March 11, 2011
Best news I have heard all day: Here is the proof from i0n1c himself

iOS 4.3 & iPad 2 Jailbreak – Status

by Tanner Marshon March 10, 2011
Here’s a collection of Tweets between two highly respected Jailbreakers!

iOS 4.3 for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch – Jailbreak Info

by Tanner Marshon March 10, 2011
It’s Here iOS 4.3 has been released today! I strongly advice against it for unlockers